Smart Water Valve FAQ

Why do you sell the FLO by Moen valve when there are so many other choices?
Because it is the ultimate water damage prevention system. When they say “Never Miss Drip”, they mean it. We use it on our own homes (and business locations) and it really does keep your home 100% leak free every day whether your home or away.

What do plumbers think of the smart water valve?
Hear what one of our plumbers had to say. “As a plumber I’ve installed other units that didn’t work. It makes me feel much more comfortable installing units from SmartFlowPro.”

How often does FLO perform diagnostic tests?
FLO performs Daily Water Tests to detect issues and maintain a leak free home

How frequently does a Smart Water Valve from SmratFlowPro monitor my home or business?
Our FLO valves monitor your entire home or business water system 24/7.

How do I know about alerts and diagnosics?
You have an app that send alerts, diagnostics, and gives you complete control right from your smartphone.

What does the Control Panel in the app allow me to do?
See real-time water usage and shut off the water in real time whenever you want.

What does the Dashboard in the app allow me to do?
See how much water is used and set goals for water usage.

What kind of Alerts are available
Get alerts when there’s a water issue, more water is used than goals set, etc.